Bad shoulders: Have you heard of 2:1 ratio?

Would you like to take a closer look at your Rotator cuff ? Just click on the link to watch a video of how your rotator cuff muscles work!

The shoulder is a very mobile joint where the stability is controlled by rotator cuff muscles. There are a total of 4 rotator cuff muscles; 2 in the back, one on top and one in the front of your shoulder.

Shoulder blade is the powerhouse for your shoulder. Faulty posture, any strength or flexibility imbalance in the rotator cuff will lead to a movement deficit, therefore, can cause pain on the top, in the front or in the back of your shoulder.

Pain on top of your shoulder can occur when your arm bone is no longer in the center of the joint and not depressed enough during overhead lifting or reaching across or behind your body.

Due to forward head posture and lack of stretching of the chest, one will end up with rounded shoulders. This situation weakens the rotator cuff. Therefore biceps brachii and pectoralis major end up overworking and tightens, then the tendon gets inflamed which can create pain in front of the shoulder. 

Any joint is formed of two bones with space in between that is filled up with synovial fluid. Joint capsule wraps all around the joint to seal it and prevent synovial fluid from leaking. Think of it as a tight sleeve that is enclosing your shoulder. When biomechanics of your shoulder is altered due to muscle imbalance, the joint capsule can get pinched between two bones which can create pain on the back of your shoulder.

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