Importance of rehabilitation during pregnancy

Besides many, one of the most common complaints that you can hear from a pregnant women is “my back hurts.” Some factors that can create back pain during pregnancy are losing muscle mass, postural changes, developing baby and hormones. Even though, soon-to-be-mom cannot do much about losing muscle mass, and certainly cannot control hormonal surges and a developing baby, she can certainly slow down postural changes by some help.

Seeing a health care professional throughout your pregnancy is a great idea. Even though, your ongoing aches and pains will stop (for the most part!) once you give birth, alleviating these symptoms can be as simple as seeing a physical therapist or chiropractor as little as once a week, on a regular basis. A health care professional can address any misalignments in your body, can use manual techniques to decrease muscle spasms, correct misalignments, and unlock aching joints.

A misaligned pelvis can create low back pain and can also affect your labor and birthing process. When your pelvis is misaligned, it can reduce the room that is available for your baby. Therefore, it may also be hard for your baby to get in the correct position for a natural non-invasive birth.

Pain is the communication pathway between our body and brain. Pain is also a big inhibitor. Our brain does not like any pain and tends to shut down all operations in the presence of it. It is like a ongoing siren inside of your brain.  If you have muscle spasms and trigger points, locked joints that are actively creating pain, this will also drain your energy out which will make you even more tired. Your musculoskeletal system therefore your strength will be compromised because of ongoing pain signals from your achy muscles and joints.
After shutting down the pain, correcting any faulty misalignments, a physical therapist or chiropractor can use tape to support your growing belly and your back, give you tips on what exercises to perform to keep your musculoskeletal system as strong and efficient as possible.

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